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Our sealants are structurally formed to withstand the requirements of the transportation sector. The adhesive sealants are ideal to use during the production and assembly of a variety of transportation systems such as trailers, ambulances, buses, caravans, horse boxes etc. We supply the quality adhesive and sealant systems for every process, to the exact requirements of the client.

Safety and practicality may be primary concerns for the transportation market, yet there are many other factors to consider. From aesthetics to noise reduction, the products used in this demanding market must meet a wealth of complex needs.

Find out which of our premium products is best suited to your project, or contact us and we can advise you as to the best sealant to meet your needs.

Our specialist technical team are always on-hand to help, and can support you by adapting our formulations to best fit your transportation project’s exacting requirements.

Our hybrid, silicone and polyurethane sealants have been proven in a wide range of applications, including panel sealing, rail bonding, and noise and vibration damping.