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The COVID pandemic has touched every part of our lives – who would have thought six months ago that a mask would be essential wear? Or that hugs would be at such a premium?

And the same can be said of businesses too. Here at Hodgson sealants, like every other business globally, the ‘new normal’ has an effect across the board – how we manufacture, how we talk to customers, how we sell, everywhere. From daily temperature checks, to on line working, and from social distancing on the production line to wrangling children while zooming colleagues, everything has changed. It’s caused us to look at every aspect of our business – including our product ranges. And one question we have been asking ourselves is this: could the pandemic lead to the death of traditional technologies such as High Modulus anti-fungal silicones?

I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah right, we’ve used HM silicones for years. Why would that change?” Well the answer is simple: Antimicrobial Hybrid Sealants

What exactly does antimicrobial mean? It refers to a substances that demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence of microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, and mould and it differs from an antibacterial or antifungal because it is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria and fungi but also moulds and even viruses. So, in effect, the sanitary silicone  you may have been using for years is only really designed to reduce the presence of mould  – and it’s really not very good at that!


To start with, the fungicide in these products typically only lasts at most 18 months to 2 years  – maybe only a few months if the room is particularly humid and damp – before the effects fade and mould grows. Anyone who has seen a mouldy bath or shower whether at home or in a hotel will surely testify to that. And silicone technology is rarely UV stable leading to that unsightly yellow tinged hue which, under higher UV exposure can actually lead to product failure.

Our antimicrobial sealants have BioCote® additives that are designed to have a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to reduce and it does this in a number of clever ways: .

  • Protein damage: Proteins are essential for the biological sy
  • stems of life. Any damage to these components causes the failure of essential functions such as energy production.
  • Cell membrane damage: By disrupting the microbes membrane, its structural integrity is compromised, which can cause essential nutrients to leak out and catastrophic structural failure of the microbe
  • Oxidative damage: Antimicrobial products can cause increased levels of reactive oxygen species, which result in damage to the internal systems of the microbe.
  • DNA interference: The genetic material of the bacteria is disrupted, ultimately stopping the bacteria from being able to replicate by blocking the copying of their genetic material.

That all sounds great but we can prove it works because our antimicrobial products have been tested by 3rd party labs to show a reduction of MRSA and E. Coli microbes by up to 99.99%. Hybrid polymers typically have far greater performance capabilities with much greater bond strength and flexibility. This “hardness” can also give them great anti and non-pick properties which can be invaluable in settings like prisons and even schools.  Ordinary sanitary sealants such as silicones just can’t compete

Since lockdown eased we have had a much greater interest in our antimicrobial sealant range (HYSPEC AG, Hygieneseal) at Hodgsons. We’ve also noticed key specifiers are looking for more and more alternative sanitary sealants for new projects: just like everything else in life, specification is changing fast, so don’t get left behind.

Antimicrobial Sealants in Healthcare

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