Hodgson Sealants has released the latest addition to its innovative new HY-SPEC range, HS50. A combination of quick grab, excellent tooling properties, and retained flexibility makes HS50 the perfect sealant for sealing and bonding joints in many fast-paced production settings.

Hodgson HS50 is neutral cure, high modulus, solvent free adhesive based on Hodgson’s HY-SPEC technology. Its effectiveness lies in its unparalleled wet grab properties which means it can seal and bond quickly without the need for mechanical support to make production processes quicker and more accurate. Once cured to its full strength, HY-SPEC HS50 retains excellent flexibility making it the perfect product for sealing and bonding in caravan, leisure, and specialist vehicle manufacture, marine or industrial assembly where flexibility is vital to accommodate movement in the joint and tack free curing that will not pick up dirt.

Like all the products in the HY-SPEC range, HS50 offers several important advantages over traditional silicones and ms polymers. It cures in reaction to moisture in a process known as crosslinking: the formation of additional chemical bonds between polymeric chains to form a three-dimensional network that is strong yet flexible. The result is fast, strong and tack free curing.

It is overpaintable and requires no primer to achieve excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Available in 290ml cartridges and 600ml foil sausages.