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Owners of heritage properties have often struggled to find replacement windows that offer all the benefits of modern sealed insulated glass units – improved sound and thermal insulation – while still retaining the traditional appearance of their homes. Now the glazing industry has introduced new technological advances that allow the production of slim, high-performance units with the reduced sightlines that the aesthetics require.

These reduced sightlines – achieved using narrow cavity glazing systems – offer the ‘less frame more glass’ appearance the heritage properties demand. Many of these glazing systems require specialist sealants to achieve: due to the nature of these narrow cavity units, the glazing method is critical to the overall performance of the glazing unit and it is vital to use a glazing compound that will not adversely affect any glazing components.

Heritage Putty was developed by our in-house R&D team for new installations of narrow cavity double glazing, or for the upgrade reglazing of frames that are currently glazed with single glass. It is perfect for conservation or restoration projects on narrow Cavity Insulated Glass Units (IGU) with reduced Spacer-Bar Sightlines into non-drained (fully bedded) window and door frames for both bedding and fronting as well as repairs. It gives the lovely appearance of a traditional putty front on single glass, insulating glass units, and reduced sightline units into softwood, hardwood, steel, and stone frames with all the performance and workability of a truly modern glazing compound.

Despite its traditional-sounding name, Hodgson’s Heritage Putty is a modern and proven cartridge-based alternative to putty that is based on Hodgson’s HY-SPEC hybrid technology. Ready to gun like other familiar glazing  sealants in white and black but to finish off a glazing project Heritage Putty can painted over and once cured, it will accept all water-based paints and stains though it can also be left unpainted if desired. It is being used across the country every day and has been tested extensively with major edge sealant manufacturers to ensure absolute compatibility and total peace of mind: no other product offers this.

Although Heritage Putty looks like a traditional compound, when it’s in it performs like a modern hybrid polymer product. It is extremely durable and remains permanently elastic throughout its life with low residual tack, so it remains pristine with minimum dirt pick up. It has excellent toolability and can be painted with water based paints without priming and with some oil/solvent based paints after priming.

If you’d like to know more about how our Heritage Putty can achieve modern functionality with traditional good looks on your next heritage glazing project, get in touch with our technical team. Other technical support and application guides are available at https://hodgsonsealants.com/technical/

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