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Products ‘Made in Britain’

Hodgson Sealants have now become members of Made in Britain which allow us to use the Made in Britain marque throughout the business.

Using the marque on our packaging and advertising materials, helps to identify our products both throughout the UK home market and abroad to our growing export market.

The marque helps buyers and consumers of the products to quickly and visually attain its origin in Britain and will give them reassurance and confidence when using the product.

Being the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world, Britain is a great place for the manufacturing of goods; businesses are growing quickly, investing and collaborating to make innovative changes and developments whilst also putting back investments into locally economies to help make positive changes across the country.

In Yorkshire and Humberside alone, Hodgson Sealants contributes to the 16% manufacturing output from the region which is worth £16.2b. We currently employ 63 staff, all from the surrounding local area and we are a proud sponsor of a local Rugby league team.

As a responsible manufacturer, Hodgson Sealants holds ISO certificates 18001, 14001 and 9001:2008 covering health and safety, environmental standards and quality control. We also have the Investors in People accreditation.

We are delighted to join the manufacturing community among the Made in Britain members and are striving to continue to delivering high quality products across the UK and across the world and are proud to be using the Made in Britain marque.



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