Sealants specially developed by Hodgson Sealants for quick and efficient assembly have been helping Victory Leisure Homes achieve faster, safer, greener, and more efficient production at its Yorkshire manufacturing facilities.

Hodgson has worked in close partnership with both the Technical and Production teams at Victory to formulate specialist solutions for some of its most common sealing and bonding applications. Working closely in tandem with Victory to provide technical support including site visits and substrate testing along the way, Hodgson’s R&D team has replaced less efficient PU adhesives with high-performance products, for safer, quicker bonding with less waiting time between processes.

HY-SPEC HS50 is Hodgson’s latest addition to its hybrid sealant range and was developed to offer Victory a combination of quick grab, excellent tooling properties, and performance adhesion, all the time retaining flexibility on its fast-paced production applications. It is a neutral cure, high modulus and solvent-free adhesive.

Its effectiveness for Victory – a company that is at the leading edge for innovation in its markets – lies in its unparalleled wet grab properties. This means that HY-SPEC HS50 can seal and bond quickly reducing the need for mechanical support to provide leak-free construction and to make production processes at Victory quicker and more accurate. It offers excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates allowing Victory the production flexibility to work with a range of materials.

Once cured to its full strength, HY-SPEC HS50 retains excellent flexibility making it the perfect product for sealing and bonding in caravan, leisure, specialist vehicle manufacture, marine or industrial assembly where flexibility is vital to accommodate movement in the joint. Once the assembly is complete the HY-SPEC HS50 cures tack free so it will not pick up dirt, maintaining the home’s good looks for years to come.

“The innovation teams at Hodgson and Victory have worked collaboratively to produce an advanced solution for our specific requirements,” says Victory’s Research and Development Director, Steve Bulliment. “The result is a sealant that improves productivity, build quality and working condition in our production facilities.  The support they have given us has been exceptional, taking the time to listen to our requirements and understand our processes to produce the perfect solution.”

Kevin Nickolay of Hodgson Sealants has equally praised the collaboration: “We are very proud to be supporting Victory Leisure Homes in their quest to be consistently best in class.  They are always keen to explore the latest sealant technologies available to ensure they have premium quality, water tight structures which offer the very best in home from home holiday accommodation on the market.”

HY-SPEC HS50 is a greener, cleaner alternative to traditional PU adhesives with none of the harmful isocyanates and solvents so they are safer and cleaner to use. Hodgson can also offer the adhesive in foil sausages, giving greater yield and less plastic waste than traditional cartridges.

Based in Yorkshire, Victory Leisure Homes has been building innovative holiday homes and lodges for over a decade for holidaymakers in the UK and Ireland. With a strong innovation culture, Victory has partnered closely with Hodgson to make its build processes efficient,  consistent and more economical.