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PowerBond is a neutral cure, high modulus, solvent-free, one part, moisture cure, adhesive based on Hy-Spec hybrid technology. Very high ultimate strength with a high initial grab.

PowerBond is suitable for many substrates including; unprimed metals, aluminium, steel, composite panels, wood, glass, plastics, concrete, mortar, plaster, epoxy and polyester coated panels, polycarbonate, PU, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, finished wood and polystyrene.

For factory, on-site or remedial applications. Bonding of decorative frames, skirting boards, insulation panels, cable ducts.


  • High strength bond & fast curing
  • Solvent & Isocyanate free
  • High grab & initial tack
  • Does not contain any Phthalates or other harmful plasticisers
  • Anti-pick
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to most substrates
  • Weatherable and UV stable
  • Low odour
  • Cures tack free
  • Permanently flexible
  • Non corrosive
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Highly resistant to substances such as mineral oils and mild solvents, acids and alkalis
  • Good tooling properties


Application temperature range: + 5o°C to + 40°C

Shelf life: 18 months

Skinning time: 15 minutes

Working time: 10-30 minutes


Joint design: Please consult the Technical Information Sheet entitled ‘Joint design for cartridge-based products’ prior to application.

Surface preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from frost, grease and loose materials. Apply primer if required. Most substrates only require priming if testing indicates it is needed. Apply using a skeleton gun into the joint ensuring good contact with surfaces. In situations where an especially neat finish is required, use masking tape to cover the face edges of the joint and remove immediately once tooling has been completed. Fixings may be required in some cases. Please check before purchasing.

Tooling: Tool immediately after application, within the working time for the product