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New Generation Hybrid Sealants

Hodgson Hybrids are the next generation of adhesive sealants. They combine the flexibility and elasticity of a sealant with the strength of an adhesive. The result is a durable, multi-use product for all sealing, bonding and filling needs.

The particular benefits of hybrid sealants are:

  • Great adhesion to surfaces without needing a primer in most cases
  • High strength and toughness – provides a very resilient seal
  • Have both sealing and bonding characteristics
  • Good initial grab and ‘green strength’
  • Paintable, unlike silicones
  • Available in crystal clear – great wherever you want an invisible seal
  • UV stable – do not yellow
  • Available in standard colours, other colours available on special request

Our hybrids are widely used in all construction markets, in leisure and specialist vehicles.

Check out the HY-SPEC Product Brochure for a list of the full range.

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