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We manufacture a range of tape technology including butyl tapes, foam tapes, EPDM tapes and flashing tapes. Applications including; glazing systems, caravan sealing, ducting flange joints sealing and conservatory flashing.

Our glazing systems are industry-recognised. Therefore, by using the products in our tapes and glazing range, you can be confident in their exposure rating, weather tightness, movement accommodation, security, and air permeability. These factors depend on the glazing system chosen, but our experienced team and comprehensive product guide will help you to select the ideal product for your needs.

Our specialist butyl tapes are produced by our sister company HS Butyl. HS Butyl manufactures a wide range of butyl tapes; with over 45 years experience. They are a global supplier of high quality, technically proven tapes. There are a number of applications for butyl tapes in general construction.

Products can be supplied with a thin LDPE backing film, and these products can then be stretched to seal around pipe penetrations through membranes on roofs and walls to provide a water and air seal.

Butyl tapes can act as a barrier seal between timber and other construction components in timber-framed buildings.


Find our more information on butyl tape products from the HS Butyl website.

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