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Foamfix Cleaner

Foamfix Cleaner is rapid-acting and easy to apply and is suitable for the removal of UNCURED Polyurethane Foam such Hodgson Sealants Foamfix Grade from the applicator gun and foam can valves. It can also be used for cleaning uncured overspill from contaminated surfaces.
Manufactured under a ISO 9001:2008 Quality System

-Proven quick removal of uncured foam
-Easy to use; the can attaches to the applicator gun
-The can will provide multiple uses

Can / applicator temperature range: +10°C to +30°C (+20° for optimal performance).

Shelf life: 12 months, always store and transport in an upright position in cool dry conditions between +5°C and +30°C.

Do NOT allow storage temperature to exceed +50°C

Note: Carefully read the health and safety information contained in the material safety data sheet before use.


Before use: put on protective gloves.

Clean the gun as soon as possible after unscrewing the foam can to avoid the foam curing inside the gun. Cured foam may damage the gun. Once the foam has cured in the gun, Foamfix Cleaner solvent WILL NOT remove it. NEVER USE WATER TO CLEAN THE GUN, other cleaners may not have the desired effect. If the foam has cured in the gun, unscrew the flow control device and remove the needle. Clean the needle and the inside of the barrel with a non-abrasive material. Grease the needle before replacing it back in the gun.

1) When changing the can of foam or when a break in application lasts longer than 15 min., use the cleaner to remove any residual foam from the adaptor of the gun.
2) Spray the nozzle of the gun with the cleaner and wipe it with soft cloth. Never use sharp object on the end of the gun.
3) Press the foam trigger to release the foam residue.
4) Invert the Cleaner can and screw it firmly onto the gun adapter – Do not over tighten.
5) Point gun in safe direction and carefully pull the trigger until solvent extrudes from the gun tip.
6) Release the trigger and let cleaning agent soak in for one to two minutes.
7) Pull the trigger and dispense cleaning agent into suitable container.
8) If necessary repeat above procedure two to three times until only clear PU Foam Solvent appears from the barrel.
9) Remove the PU Foam Solvent Cleaner from the gun’s adapter.


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