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Seamseal CV

Seamseal CV

Seamseal CV Uses

  • Non-setting rubber bedding sealant for metal joints.
  • For bedding seams, mouldings, rails, window and door frames.
  • Sealing covered joints in portable buildings, caravans, holiday homes, boats, freight containers and transport vehicles.
  • For sealing some seam or lap joints in metal constructions


Seamseal CV Key Features

  • High performance bedding sealant with a solvented release curing system
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, especially coated metals
  • Does not form a skin but leaves a dry surface which remains pliable after curing
  • Excellent weather resistant properties
  • Excellent application characteristics either with hand applied or air operated guns

Seamseal CV Properties


Application temperature range:

+5º C to +30º C


Curing rate:

Full cure normally occurs in 2-4 days. Rate of cure will depend on thickness, ambient temperature, joint size and design. Lower temperatures and drier conditions will result in a slower rate of cure.



Primers are not normally required for good adhesion to most metals.


Shelf life:

12 months


Skinning time:

Does not skin. The surface of the sealant will appear dry to the touch after several days but will remain pliable beneath the surface.


Working time:

Approximately 20 minutes.

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