At Hodgson Sealants, we have been developing and manufacturing our own sealants and adhesives for more than 50 years. Producing our own products from our bespoke plant in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and employing local people, we are proud members of the Made in Britain network.

Made in Britain is an organisation that brings together Britain’s manufacturing community. The directory has become a leading source for those looking for high-standard, optimal quality British-made goods, all recipient of the recognised Made in Britain trademark. As a part of the Made in Britain membership, regular workshops and events are organised, allowing members to network with like-minded companies and learn how to use the membership to its fullest.

On 14th November, a Made in Britain workshop was held at the factory of one of our fellow members, ESSE Stoves in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

The workshop gave all attendees the opportunity to present a three minute pitch on the products and services they sell. This was an

extremely interesting chance to see, hear and learn about the diversity of manufacturing across Britain. We were thrilled to discover how many talented and passionate businesses there are in the Made in Britain network.

We were given a tour of the ESSE Stoves factory to see stove manufacturing taking place. It was fascinating to see each and every stove being made by hand, as per each individual customer’s requirements, and the true craftsmanship that goes into the products. A beautiful lunch was also provided, which, naturally, was cooked on the company’s stoves in their on-site café. It was delicious and comes highly recommended. In the afternoon, a competition was held to win one of the new ESSE Vector electric stoves. Our very own Rachel Dixon (Marketing Manager) won, much to her delight!

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for us at Hodgson Sealants to maximise our Made in Britain membership. It was a great to network with like-minded companies, discovering their talents and stories. We look forward to attending more events in the future and gaining sustainable partnerships as a result.