Air, Dust & Water Seals for Flange Joints


Sealing and bonding in HVAC applications can produce special challenges. Our thorough understanding of the market and its requirements has led to the development of a solid range of highly flexible, durable, and strong sealing solutions.

Our products demonstrate excellent adhesion to a wide variety of common HVAC materials, including galvanised and stainless steel. They are regularly used for sealing ducting flange joints, heating systems and vents on high, medium, and low velocity ducting.

Our range includes sealants approved for fire resistant ducting.


Across the HVAC sector our products are used for:

  • Sealing flanges on ducting
  • Air leakage prevention
  • Compression joints and seams
  • Air, dust or water seal
  • Fire resistant ducting

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Our specialist sister company, HS Butyl, has over 50 years’ expertise in producing butyl tapes for export across the globe.