Passive Fire Protection

Halting the spread of fire and smoke, our sealants are all rigorously tested to the most stringent standards for 30 and 60 minutes passive fire protection.


Our sealants will form an airtight seal which can halt the spread of fire and smoke through joints and seals in walls, floors, and doors. Designed to resist the spread of toxic gases and fire, and accredited to all British, European, and international standards, our products are used in the glazing of doors and screens, joints in firewalls, fire rated ductwork, architraves, and service penetrations.

Working in partnership with global glass manufacturers – such as Pilkington, Vetrotech, Saint Gobain, and Schott Glass – and the British Woodworking Federation Fire Door Alliance Scheme to rigorously test our products.


Wherever smoke and fire-resistant seals are needed:

  • Glazing of fire doors and fire-rated screens
  • Joints in firewalls
  • Fire rated ductwork
  • Fire stopping service penetrations in walls, floors, and ceilings

Fire Protection Products

Fire Duct Tape

Firestrip® 30

Firestrip® 60

Intufire® Acrylic

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Global Butyl Tape

Our specialist sister company, HS Butyl, has over 50 years’ expertise in producing butyl tapes for export across the globe.