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Intufire® Acrylic

Intufire® Acrylic

Intufire® Acrylic Uses

  • Waterborne, one-part fire-resistant and acoustic rated joint sealant which provides a firm, yet flexible seal to joints in a wide variety of fire-rated structures where fire resistance up to 4 hours is required.
  • Ideal for sealing joints, voids and irregular holes in fire walls, partitions,
    door architraves, service penetrations, floors and other structures.
  • For perimeter sealing of internal, fire rated screens, partitions, service
    penetrations and door or window frames.
  • To maintain integrity when sealing around pipes, services, ductwork and cables.

Intufire® Acrylic Key Features

  • Fire resistant up to 4 hours
  • Good adhesion to timber, plasterboard, masonry, blockwork, plaster, concrete and many other common building surfaces
  • Reduces sound transmission in joints
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical joints without compromising fire rating performance
  • Joint movement capability of ±12.5% Over- paintable with solvent and water based paints
  • Will not support combustion
  • Water based, solvent & halogen free, water clean up
  • Over-paintable with solvent and water based paints

Intufire® Acrylic Properties


Application temperature range:

+5°C to +30°C


Curing rate:

No curing reaction takes place. Dries through evaporation.


Shelf life:

12 months


Skinning time:

Skin forms within 25 minutes at 20°C @ 65% RH.


Tack free time:

75 minutes


Working time:

Approximately 5 minutes

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