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Firestrip® 60

Firestrip® 60

Firestrip® 60 Uses

  • An Intumescent Strip Sealant 20mm x 3mm which provides 60 minutes resistance to the passage of fire and smoke in timber doors and screens.
  • Please refer to our product data sheet and CF297 certificate for our latest test evidence.


Firestrip® 60 Key Features

  • Fully tested and approved
  • Suitable for use by FIRAS Accredited Glaziers
  • BWF Certifire Scheme Certificate No CF297 for use in timber screens and doors for periods of 60 minutes fire resistance
  • Excellent high tack surface provides good adhesion
  • Tested with semi insulating and fully insulting glasses.
  • Can be overcoated with paints and decorative wood stains
  • Very cost effective compared to other rigid/semi-rigid fire resistant materials.
  • Non-toxic

Firestrip® 60 Properties


Application temperature range:

+5°C to +30°C


Shelf life:

12 months

Firestrip® 60 Technical

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Firestrip 60


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Firestrip 60


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