Thomson Glazing, a leading Scottish glazing company well known for delivering exceptional workmanship, has restored and replaced 160 sash windows damaged in the devastating fire at the Glasgow School of Art. To meet the rigorous demands of this prestigious restoration project, Thomson Glazing selected Hodgson Sealants’ Multi-Purpose Putty from Abacus Agents, known for its unparalleled quality for demanding heritage projects.

The Glasgow School of Art, designed by renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, stands as a landmark of 20th-century architecture, merging Art Nouveau and Scottish vernacular styles to create a unique and culturally significant institution. The building suffered a catastrophic fire in 2018 that left many of its historical features, including the sash windows, in ruins. The ongoing refurbishment aims to breathe new life into the iconic building while maintaining its historic charisma. Thomson Glazing has been selected to play a crucial role in this restoration process with the company’s expertise in glazing solutions helping to ensure that the Glasgow School of Art will once again stand as a testament to historical and aesthetic excellence.

“In our experience, Hodgson’s Multi-Purpose Putty is the best putty we’ve ever used,” said Michael Thomson, of Thomson Glazing. “Its workability is unparalleled, making it incredibly versatile during the application process. The shelf life of this product means less waste and more cost-effective solutions for our clients. What truly sets it apart is its multi-purpose utility—this putty works exceptionally well on both steel and timber, which is essential in a project of this calibre.”

Hodgson’s Multi-Purpose Putty, purchased from Abacus Agents, is a hand-applied glazing compound designed for a range of applications. It is particularly suited for bedding and external fronting of single glass into primed softwood, hardwood, and steel frames that will later be painted, making it the perfect choice at Glasgow School of Art. Additionally, it can be used on sealed hardwood and concrete surfaces that are also intended for painting. This putty is intended for external use and conforms fully to relevant industry standards. Designed to be overpainted, it offers excellent working characteristics and demonstrates good long-term performance. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both hardwood and steel frames, providing a reliable solution for new build and restoration work.

Abacus Agents is Scotland’s leading distributor of hardware, sealants and ancillaries to the glazing trade with trade counters in Glasgow and Dundee. Established in 1991, it is renowned for its extensive range of glazing products and ancillary products. Abacus has teamed up with Hodgson Sealants to provide British-made top-quality sealants and adhesives to the trade across Scotland.