1. It stays put wherever you use it: Silfix U7 will adhere to most surfaces because that’s what it’s made for. Use it around baths, sinks, urinals, showers, and ceramic tile joints. But that’s not all. It’s also compatible with many other surfaces like PVCu, coated timber, brickwork, concrete, GRP, steel, aluminium, and lead, you name it.
  2. It guns like a dream: we’ve reformulated Silfix to be thicker and stiffer, so it goes on easily and keeps its shape better without slumping or deforming.
  3. It lasts and lasts: because Silfix U7 is unaffected by ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes, it will last for years without losing its original appearance and effectiveness, outlasting other sealants in challenging conditions.
  4. It resists mould and mildew growth: nothing looks worse than a bathroom or kitchen with black mould growing on the sealant bead. U7 will put a stop to this with its proven fungicide, maintaining a hygienic seal over time.
  5. Your flexible friend: Silfix U7 stays flexible even when it’s cured, even with the changes in temperature and humidity that can happen in bathrooms and kitchens. No matter how much water is thrown at it, Silfix U7 will stay in place, performing flexibly for years to come, even on irregular surfaces.
  6. It’s 100% silicone: unlike some inferior sanitary sealants that we won’t mention, Silfix U7 is not solvent extended or diluted with solvent. It’s 100% silicone, so it won’t shrink, crack, glaze, or any other things you’ve seen sealants do.
  7. It’s versatile: we all know that white is the most popular sealant colour. And white U7 has a lovely glossy finish to match white sanitaryware. But if you need another colour, why not try the translucent version – it’ll work beautifully but unobtrusively with any colour.

You can learn more about Silfix U7 and why we believe it’s the best silicone sanitary sealant around here.