SILFIX® LMN sealant is THE ULTIMATE versatile silicone that performs well in a wide variety of conditions with many common substrates. Especially useful for a number of common installation tasks such as sealing and pointing it is now available in a wider variety of colours – including new Teak/Rosewood and Toffee/Caramel shades – and can be purchased in eco-friendly and cost-effective sausage packs as well as cartridges.

SILFIX® LMN is ideal for sealing joints and perimeter pointing around all types of window and door frames, joints and trim. A low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant, SILFIX® LMN has a fast skinning time and final cure with excellent tooling characteristics. What makes SILFIX® LMN so useful is its good adhesion to a wide variety of construction substrates including brick, stone, aluminium, steel, concrete, PVCu, coated timber, GRP panels and roof sheets, making it ideal for sealing most building, construction and glazing joints. In addition, SILFIX® LMN is perfect for general maintenance applications.

SILFIX® LMN is almost odourless and cures to a durable, permanently flexible seal. Its low modulus formulation means that no surface priming is usually needed and it can easily cope with joint movement and expansion. As a silicone sealant, SILFIX® LMN will withstand the elements. With excellent UV resistance, it will not discolour or yellow and performs well over a large temperature range, being easy to apply – even in the cold.

As well as standard 310ml cartridges in White, Translucent, Black, Brown, Toffee/Caramel, Teak/Rosewood and Anthracite, SILFIX® LMN is also available in sustainable foil ‘sausage packs’. This new packaging system not only helps reduce the strain of waste on the environment, but also makes excellent economic sense for users. The packs allow contractors to significantly reduce on site waste, reducing costs on waste disposal and landfill charges over more bulky plastic cartridges.