When it comes to fire safety, what are the first things you think of? Fire doors, exit routes, alarm. The list goes on. There are so many factors that go into a top-notch fire strategy. But, when was the last time you considered the importance of fire safe sealants?

Fire safe sealants are required in many fire-rated structures – from partition walls, door architraves, service penetrations, floors, to the bedding of hinges on fire doors. Our Intufire® Acrylic sealant is a waterborne one-part fire-resistant joint sealant which provides a firm, yet flexible seal to joints in a wide variety of fire-rated structures where fire resistance up to four hours is required. Its special intumescent properties cause the sealant to swell up and char in the presence of heat, preventing the spread of smoke and fire through the joint.

Intufire® Acrylic has a joint movement capability of ±12.5%, making it suitable for horizontal and vertical joints without compromising fire rating performance. It has good adhesion to many common building surfaces: timber, plasterboard, masonry, blockwork, plaster, and concrete, to just name a few. It is also ideal for sealing around pipes, services and cables, maintaining their integrity.

What’s more, Intufire® Acrylic also reduces sound transmission in joints, too – meaning not only is it fire safe, it can help block out outside noise. And that’s not the only added benefit. It contains a fungicide to help prevent mould, and has a predicted service life of 20 years. It comes in both white and grey colouring, but if that doesn’t fit your aesthetic, it can easily be painted over, without losing any of its fire-safe properties.

Intufire® Acrylic is part of a full range of fire resistant sealants designed for the professional user. For further information please contact our Customer Care Team on 01482 868321 or e-mail to [email protected].