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Foamfix Uses

  • A single component, moisture cure, polyurethane construction foam suitable for use on a wide range of sealing and gap filling applications:
  • Sealing of partition walls and around pipes penetrations and other structures.
  • To maintain insulation to cavities and joints in structures.
  • Installation of windows and doors.
  • Provides a backing material for joints prior to the application
    of sealants.
  • General gap filling applications.
  • Thermal and / or acoustic insulation.


Foamfix Key Features

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building materials
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Weatherproof and will not rot
  • Totally cured foam is chemically inert
  • Gun applied for added control and ease of application with reduced waste

Foamfix Properties


Application temperature range:

+10°C to +30°C.


Can / applicator temperature range:

+10°C to +30°C (+20°C for optimal performance).


Shelf life:

12 months, always store and transport in an upright position (in order to avoid blockage of the valve)

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