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Silfix® LMN

Silfix® LMN

Silfix® LMN Uses

  • Superior quality neutral cure, low modulus, silicone sealant which offers good all round performance and durability in most construction joints
  • Perimeter pointing and sealing around timber, metal and           PVCu windows and doors
  • Sealing penetration joints, gutters, fascias, trims and flashings              in domestic and metal clad buildings.
  • Conforms to EN15651-1: F-EXT-INT-CC, EN15651-2: G-CC


Silfix® LMN Key Features

  • Non oxime based cure with reduced H&S issues.
  • Cures to form a durable, weatherproof seal flexible at low and high temperatures
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including PVCu, coated timber, brickwork, concrete, GRP, stainless / galvanised steel, aluminium and lead
  • Good tooling and application characteristics
  • Available in White, Translucent, Black, Grey, Brown, Anthracite 7016, Toffee/Caramel and Teak/Rosewood

Silfix® LMN Properties


Application temperature range:

+5°C to +40°C


Skinning time:

Skin forms after approximately 30 minutes at 23°C @ 55% RH.


Shelf life:

12 months


Curing rate:

Cures at a rate of 2mm in 24 hours at 23°C @ 55% RH. Lower temperatures and drier conditions will result in a slower rate of cure.


Working time:

Approximately 15 minutes.

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