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Mirror Adhesive

Mirror Adhesive

Mirror Adhesive Uses

  • Market leading, fast-curing adhesive for securing mirrors to many vertical non-porous surfaces such as painted plaster or wood, ceramic tiles and glass in situations which would otherwise require the use of mechanical fixings.
  • Its special, solvent-free formulation has been extensively tested for compatibility with all known mirror backing paints and once cured, its flexible rubberised characteristics can accommodate small surface irregularities.

Mirror Adhesive Key Features

  • Capable of supporting 6mm thick mirrors up to 1m2 without the need for mechanical fixings
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of non-porous surfaces
  • Can accommodate small surface irregularities
  • Good working time
  • Fast curing – temporary support can often be removed within 24 hours
  • Resistant to high levels of humidity
  • Compatible against all known mirror backing paints

Mirror Adhesive Properties


Application temperature range:

+5°C to +30°C


Skinning time:

Skin forms after approximately 5 minutes at 20°C / 65% RH


Shelf life:

12 months


Curing rate:

Cures at a rate of 2-3mm in 24 hours @ 20°C / 65% RH. Lower temperatures and drier conditions will result in a slower rate of cure.


Working time:

5 – 10 minutes

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Mirror Adhesive


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Mirror Adhesive


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